"As with all of us, my life was full of highs and lows, only, perhaps, a little more extreme on both sides...  Along the way,  I picked up some scar tissue and post-traumatic stress. Blessing of all blessings, in my seventh decade, I met Beryl Ryan, who guides people to a lighter plane with tapping.  Tapping by itself reduces stress and anxiety, but Beryl is incredibly gifted in tuning into her client’s soul, without emotion, and amazingly guides the client to profound relief, understanding, and self-forgiveness.  Two sessions with Beryl and I lifted about eighty pounds of weighted pressure from my head and soul. To say Beryl is amazing, would be an understatement.  Her keen insight, and non-judgemental professionalism is a gift to anyone who has the opportunity to work with her."
Bob G  |  Santa Rosa CA

Last summer, my first love and best friend died in a car accident. Whenever I thought about him, which was all the time, I would be overwhelmed with grief and paralyzed by disbelief. I was in counseling for six months, and I believed I was doing everything I could to “process” my trauma. But I wasn’t feeling any better, and I had started to think that my pain was permanent and I would never recover from this loss. After doing some research on EFT, I scheduled a session with Beryl. In our one hour together, I made more progress than I had in the past six months of traditional therapy. Every time I think of him now, I no longer feel like I’m drowning. I can acknowledge and accept the tragedy, and still feel sad, but that sadness doesn’t dominate my system and hinder my capacity for joy. I’m not exaggerating when I say that tapping entirely shifted my perspective on grief and trauma, and I am endlessly thankful to Beryl for that gift. She was effortlessly understanding and intuitive, recognizing the signs of trauma in my thoughts and body that I didn’t understand and therefore couldn’t release on my own. I was astounded by her emotional intelligence and empathy; she made me feel entirely safe and at ease in her presence. I cannot recommend Beryl enough – she helped me reclaim my joy and my power, and I feel like I finally have my life back.

Sending love, Laurel

"I must say talk therapy misses the mark compared to what Beryl accomplishes. Talk therapy must hash out all the drama and baggage. Not with tapping. Beryl gets to the root of the problem very quickly, yet gently and very effectively. I used to have quite a lot of an old angst from a lot of serious trauma. I do not have that any longer. I have been able to look at what used to scare me and give myself a hug then move on. Its so simple, its beautiful. I am not saying that the memories are gone. No they are most definitely not. They just have no charge left to hold me in their grasps. I have done a lot of healing work in my years. But Beryl's tapping is by far the most effective technique I have done. Its fast and its thorough. No need to hold on to the old stories any longer. They are simply not there. POOF they are gone. Its magical. I love myself dearly everyday for all the growth I have done. Beryl put a shine on that love, feeling a powerful glow now and it feels permanent. Thank you Beryl Ryan, I remain forever and eternally grateful for our time."


Simply put, Beryl is amazing! I came to her with almost crippling anxiety issues as well as PTSD issues from an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship. I was constantly in survival mode but Beryl has such a calming presence and the practice of EFT is such a gift that I truly feel a sense of freedom now. I am so grateful to have found a therapy and a practitioner that didn’t require trudging through the depths of past emotions and traumas. No long drawn out discussions on who, what, why etc., which, for me, was a trigger for anxiety in talk therapy. I feel a genuine improvement with every session plus she has given me tools that I can take with me and use anywhere! Thank you Beryl!

Liz E. | Healdsburg, CA

"You worked wonders! I presented today  (first time since our session) and got some great feedback and compliments! Also, no shaking hands, no cord around my throat feeling, no pre-talk jitters! WOW! Thanks a million!"


Testimonial from Cathy W.

"This work is truly amazing! Beryl is excellent at what she does. After 20+ years of working with therapists, good therapists, I feel, with EFT, that I have finally, really finished with an abusive situation from my childhood!!!! I can think about it, no reaction- anywhere! I feel as if it has been erased even from my cellular memory!  I feel that knowing about EFT, and being able to work with Beryl that I will be able to really clear the cobwebs, as they say. EFT is very effective and Beryl is so skilled with using the techniques. I think you can tell how excited I am about this work, and at long last I have been gifted with an excellent technique and practitioner!!! I now will be able to encompass my full potential!!! Which for me is letting go of the negative, and living in the fullness of absolute love for everything, including myself!!! I cannot recommend this work enough!!!!" 

Cathy W.  |  Sebastopol, CA

Testimonial from Donna P.

"I had profound results from my Tapping treatment from Beryl! At first my headache wouldn't go away but she was extremely determined that I feel better and kept persisting. To my amazement the root cause of the pain surfaced in the process of the treatment and my near migraine headache immediately disappeared. Thank you Beryl!!!"

Donna P.  |  Santa Cruz, CA

Testimonial from Ken S.

"Beryl Ryan’s healing work is intuitive and effective. Being in her presence (even through Skype) is healing. I always feel significant improvement both physically and emotionally. And as her big brother (who prides himself on his pragmatic outlook) that’s really saying something!"

Ken S.  |  Keene, NH

Testimonial from Bonnie B.

"I first started sessions with Beryl when I injured my foot pretty badly and my doctor recommended a treatment I did not want to do. I decided to try a different approach to healing. Beryl worked on my foot (and since my back too!) with EFT and I’ve never experienced something so remarkable. No more pain, swelling or discomfort to either my back or foot. It’s really extraordinary."

Bonnie B.  |  Santa Rosa, CA