Tapping - EFT WORKSHOPs FOR schools

Beryl’s interaction with our staff was enthusiastic, open, and inspiring. She is passionate about her work and how it can truly help people. She welcomed all our questions and helped with ways in which we can use tapping techniques in our classrooms.

My students really enjoyed using tapping before and during our standardized testing. I could see the positive effects it had on their temperament and their attitude. I will definitely incorporate more of this into my weekly routine.
— Melissa Yazzolino, Third Grade Teacher

I offer Tapping Workshops to school communities; including students, teachers, administrators and parents. I have found that providing tools to students and adults alike (although in separate sessions) reinforces a mutually positive environment. Educators can then spend less time on behavior management, while students can self-regulate using these skills, and family members can support one another in this process.

Tapping is an easy-to-learn self-healing tool that uses a sequence of rhythmic tapping on known acupressure points (meridians) to regulate one’s own emotional, mental, and physical states.

After suffering with chronic pain for 33 years, I discovered Tapping and was relieved of pain in a single session. Now as a Certified EFT Practitioner, I teach this tool privately and in workshop settings. I have also used Tapping in my past position as an RN in our local jail for 11 years, where I witnessed its transformative power on a daily basis.

In Tapping with young people, I have seen resolution in issues ranging from unresolved trauma, test anxiety, conflict among peers, as well as relieving generalized anxiety.

Under “Resources for Educators” tab, the video EFT Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms gives examples of the benefits students receive.

I customize every workshop in collaboration with each school.