The stressors our children are exposed to on a daily basis are unprecedented. From practicing “Active Shooter Drills” to standardized testing, to dealing with bullying, they are bombarded with stressful events. Sometimes it's seemingly smaller things like “Mom didn’t take me for ice cream last night when she said she would” that affect how they see themselves in the world. When our young people can go to sleep at night with peaceful minds, the world will be a different place in future generations. 

Beryl Ryan brings an easy-to-learn tool called “Tapping” into school communities to help our young people (and teachers) better handle stressful and uncomfortable feelings.

By starting with the teachers -  the messengers, this tool can be spread into the entire school community.

How it works: 

EFT or tapping gives children a tool to better manage adversity. Light “tapping” with fingertips on certain points along the meridians clears the disruptions, allowing energy to flow freely. Like magic, children learn at an early age how their brain has a relationship with their body. It’s truly powerful to see them grasp how it works. 

They then can Tap for themselves to:

  • Decrease stress & overall anxiety

  • Increase test scores 

  • Improve behavior 

  • Increase focus & attention 

  • Decrease bullying 

  • Improve sleep 

By the completion of this workshop, you’ll feel confident using this simple tool to help bring calm and health to yourself, your students & your loved ones.                                 

During  this interactive Workshop you:

  • Understand the history and physiology 

  • Explore how Tapping - EFT is utilized in a variety of situations from physical pain and negative emotion, to anxiety, stress, and PTSD

  • Learn the technique

  • See demonstrations of Tapping in action

Click here for more information and videos showing the benefits school communities can experience.