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“A lot of kids come to school with so much burden. Kids are left with this and they don’t know how to regulate. They might not even have conversation when they go home, so this is an acknowledgement of their feelings. Their feelings aren’t bad, it’s how to deal with them. These things let them know that it’s okay feeling what they feel.”
~Robin Pizutto, Grade 1 Teacher, Smalley Academy, New Britain, CT
I don’t know if there’s anyone who doesn’t have some trauma from their childhood. Some little event that really sculpted them and sculpted their beliefs in a direction they might not have wanted. We want these kids to grow up in a different world. To be able to grow up where they can deal with their emotions and traumas and move forward.
-Alex Ortner, Father and Author of Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs

EFT Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms

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