Limping in the Park

I saw a woman walking with a limp at the park. As she came past me, I asked her why she was limping and told her that I could possibly help her. She told me she had injured her ankle 2 months ago and was just telling her boyfriend she couldn’t understand why it hadn’t healed. It wasn’t fractured, just a sprain.

The pain was 7/10. I then asked how it happened. She explained she tripped in the parking lot at work.

I asked how she felt about tripping, she said “embarrassed” 5/10

We Tapped on “Even though I have this embarrassment of 5 and pain of 7 in my right ankle, I deeply and completely love and accept myself” We completed one round of Tapping and the pain was completely gone!

She was so excited, she asked if we could Tap on her boss’s response to her injury So we did one round on hurt and disappointment, and she said she felt a lightness come over her. She hadn’t even realized she was holding onto the hurt that her boss told her she had to come to work anyway or she would lose her job.

By this time, she was so excited she asked if I could help her with a trauma she had experienced 2 years ago that still bothered her. I said YES of course!

Her car had been broken into and her windshield smashed. She was still feeling vulnerable and unsafe 2 years later, especially in a group of people, which was new for her. If she closed her eyes and pictured being in a group, she felt anxiety 8/10.

So we Tapped using “Tell the Story” technique. That issue took 2 rounds to resolve completely.

She was able to visualize being in a group of people without any anxiety

We spent a total of 15 minutes together and when she walked away, she was beaming with relief, both physical and emotional. 😊